Sarath Chandar

Pro-bono Office Hours

I spend 1 hour per week to talk with an organization who has the need for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) but does not have in-house expertise in AI/ML. If you are one of these organizations and want to benefit from talking with me, please fill this form. I will contact you if you get an office hour.

These are pro-bono office hours, and hence not charged. I prioritize non-profits, social enterprises, and non-tech companies. Please note that the meeting slot could be on a weekend too depending on my schedule.

To keep office hours efficient, we will follow the following agenda:

  • 10 minutes - Introduction
  • 20 minutes - Problem presentation by you
  • 30 minutes - Brainstorming and suggestions for solutions

I work in Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Lifelong Learning, and Natural Language Processing. For more details about me, please check the following links:

My home page:

My publications:

If you want to learn more about ML, please check out my introductory ML course on YouTube:

If you want to learn more about RL, please check out my introductory RL course on YouTube:

NOTE: This office hour is NOT for students.